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VivEye – The promise of
long-lasting relief

VivEye is an innovative non-invasive therapy designed to treat the ocular surface and tear film, for long-lasting relief of signs & symptoms of Dry Eye Disease.

EpiTech’s proprietary technology is based on magnetic neurostimulation of the ocular area, resulting in the reinforcement of the structural integrity of the ocular surface. The VivEye is designed for comfortable and ergonomic positioning for the treated subject, the procedure is well-tolerated, non-invasive, and takes 10 minutes per eye.

Clinical studies have showed that the VivEye is safe and effective, providing significant improvement for moderate to severe Dry Eye Disease patients.

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The painful story of Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye Disease is no small irritation. For millions of patients it causes daily agony manifested by sensitivity to bright lights, stabbing pain, a sensation of gritty sand in the eye, blurry vision, and in some cases severe vision impairment. In fact, 20% of the adult population worldwide report a real and substantial impairment of quality of life associated with their dry eye disease.

The Painful Story Of Dry Eye Disease

people in the US use pharmaceutical treatments,
usually with very low compliance or efficacy

The Painful Story Of Dry Eye Disease

of ophthalmologists desire better treatment options for their patients

Clinical study results show improvement in signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease

First in Human study results (29 subjects, 43 treated eyes)

  • Safety: No noted changes in any safety-related parameters, including intra-ocular pressure, visual acuity or slit lamp findings.
  • Corneal staining: Significant reduction (improvement) in corneal staining during the course of the study, which lasted up to 12 weeks post treatment.
  • Symptoms: Subjects reported an improvement in dry eye symptoms, from one day following VivEye treatment, and up to 12 weeks post treatment.

Case study

G.K., a 47-year-old male, had severe dry eye disease symptoms and abundant Superficial Punctate Keratitis (SPKs). Significant reduction in SPKs was observed in the treated eye, at 4 and 8 weeks post-treatment, with parallel improvement in dry eye symptoms.

Study Results

Abundant SPKs

Study Results 4-weeks

4 weeks post-treatment
Scarce SPKs

Study Results 8-weeks

8 weeks post-treatment
Scarce SPKs


One month after one of my eyes was treated, I woke up with one non-dry eye. After 12 weeks the treated eye was still much less dry, less red, and burned less. After both my eyes were treated, I had a significant reduction in my daily symptoms and dry eye sensation

April 2019, 24-year-old female
After one of my eyes was treated, I sent a picture of both eyes to the doctor; the treated eye was normal, while the other stayed red. People used to make jokes and say that I looked intoxicated, now they joked that it was only for one eye. The effect was even larger afterwards, when both my eyes were treated. I was always bothered by the constant discharge in my eyes, it felt like strings were attached to my eyelids and eyelashes… now all of that is gone… I even went back to wearing make-up, and can finally work on a computer.
July 2019, 37-year-old female
I had tried many things beforehand and was very skeptical about the device. Two days after the treatment my life had changed; I could finally stay in air-conditioned rooms and needed much less eyedrops.
April 2019, 75-year-old male

Efficiently relieving dry eye symptoms

Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

Long lasting
dry eye relief

Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

& no contact

In-office treatment


Can be administered regardless of of DED etiology

Can be administered
regardless of
of DED etiology

Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

Easy to comply

Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

Proven safety

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